Saturday, July 28, 2012

Coffee and other musings...

ZOMG. I didn't realize how bad coffee could be.

Well, okay, I'll explain a little. I spent the first few weeks of summer studying abroad in Costa Rica doing independent study for research credits for my Masters, and needless to say, the worst Costa Rica coffee (and none of it that I ever had there was bad) is still better than the best imported coffee here. Sad, but true.

Even Starbucks ain't that great...though Coffee Bean comes pretty close (I've been buying non-coffee drinks because SBucks coffee tastes weird to me). They still can't tell you where exactly they got their beans from though. Fooey. I bet you it's the same anywhere you go in the world that produces coffee--good coffee comes closest to the source.

Anyway, so I spent some marvelous, wonderful, fantastic time in Costa Rica. Had the best ever cappuccino of my life there at a family owned coffee plantation. NUM. I think it may have spoiled me for life, because nothing I've had since has been close.

Returned home, and have been subsisting on the bounty (80 bucks worth of beans) of quality coffee that I brought home and distributed to various friends and family (two bags for me, the rest for everyone else).

So, this morning dad and I went over to the house to remove the HAM radio worldwide antennae, and stopped at Carl's Jr. because we didn't have time to make coffee...we wanted to get on the roof and get done before it got too hot. Now, don't get me wrong, their breakfast biscuit sandwiches with egg and sausage are great...but the coffee was TERRIBLE. AND, I added two creamers and two sugars to it, and it was still terrible--burnt, over-brewed, and bitter. GROSS. I drank that shit though, because I paid 1.50 for it. SUCH BULLSHIT. Next time I'll drink tapwater instead of buying crap. That'll teach tastebuds are still recovering from the assault!

So, my advice: STICK TO McDonalds. Period. CARL'S JR. COFFEE IS HORRIBLE. Trend that!

...Oh, and climbing on the roof was fun, except for the fact that the shady side was a bit slippery from dew and mossy lichen. I ended up climbing down the dry (southern exposure) side instead of trying to get down the way I climbed up and slipping and potentially killing myself. Blearg. Plus, shake roofs are a little hard to climb on, because they're kind of brittle and I was afraid of breaking it, though it will be replaced next week. Hooray for new roofs!

In other news, my garden is awesome. All the plants are sprouting and look happy, except for the watermelon. Grrr. I'm creating a spreadsheet of all the seeds I have and entering in all the planting info so that I can more readily plant in the "proper" season. Although California is so mild sometimes that the proper season lasts a lot longer in Garden Grove or Fullerton, and not so long (we get some frost in winter) in Huntington Beach. Hm.

Hopefully I'll have time to move all my plants and dirt so I won't lose them. I can only wait and see...

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Environmentalism Today??

Read a really interesting article today about environmentalism and what it means. Here. My only caveat is that I am more materially interested in investigating aspects of urban environmentalism; specifically, those that re-incorporate a sense of place, of responsibility, of joy in the local, in the soil and in plants (that provide food). I can appreciate also that this author discusses the whole idea that the "wild" lands should be preserved, but according to most major ethnobotanists and other conservationists, most landscapes that we have deemed "pristine" have actually been managed or altered by humans for thousands and thousands of years. So I have a hard time buying into the myth of "wild lands" that the author is of the perspective of believing in wholly. In other respects, however, the author of Confessions of A Recovering Environmentalist is quite right on the main impetus of the modern environmental movement--or at least what most people within and without the movement see it as. It is not focused on doing "more good" but rather "less bad."

And less bad is still doing bad.

Friday, January 13, 2012

I am only available for a limited time...I HAVE A LIFE!!

I am so frustrated with my "job" situation. Get this: the district wants me and other librarians to work five days a week, 1 hour and 20 minutes a day, for a grand total of 8 hours and 45 minutes a week. Yeah, that's right, a WEEK. Ridiculous, right? My shifts used to be 3.5 hours a day in the mornings. Fabulous.

My problem with this sort of chicanery is that I have now FOUR grad classes, as well as "number five"--jobsearching. I don't have time to go in every day (and it doesn't pay me to travel there, or even make enough to pay rent and bills) so why should I have to be there five days, or even four days? Heck, it's not even worth it to go in three days a week.

So, I informed the boss man that I'd unfortunately only be able to do two days a week, at about 4 hours and 22 minutes each, Mondays and Thursdays. That works out with both my class schedule, as well as scheduling for another part time job. If I find a full time job, heck, I'll bail like a sailor on a boat with a giant hole--so fast it won't even be funny. I don't have TIME, between four grad classes (plus six additional hours of work for them each week as is the usual courseload) and searching for jobs and such. NO TIME.

I only have two days worth of availability then, right? So I sent out notice and schedule sign-ups to the teachers today, and most of them signed right up. But a few whine whine WHINED. ARG. Very frustrating. Look, my job is not to cater to you people. It's to be available for the students, and available for classroom visits. If somebody already took an open slot, too bad--work it out with them. I don't care if your schedule is beind disrupted, MY LIFE IS BEING DISRUPTED. Get a CLUE, people?!? Kids will adjust just FINE.

Basically, when I get the schedule set next week, I'm going to present it as a fait accompli to the boss man. I'm tired of being ignored when I ask if there's work at other schools, or if I can change my days, or hours around or do anything. I'm so DONE with that.

Besides, all the other librarians that I've talked to with reduced schedules are only there two days a week (8.375hrs) or three days a week (10hrs) and the rest haven't had reduced hours. C'mon teachers, it was a SITE decision. That means THE PRINCIPAL made that call. If you have a problem with my availability and hours not being enough for you, TAKE IT UP WITH HIM. Not me. I'm done throwing my time away and being taken advantage of by you people. That's how I feel now: used and abused.


Monday, January 09, 2012

A quick update in the new year...

A new year, another dollar. I WISH.

Job searching continues. (Not much "work" at library job.)
Grad school at CSUF continues. (4 classes!)
Jezebel (my car) replacement part search continues. (Fender-bender accident on the 23rd. Ugh!)
Going to start riding my bike to "work" at GG school again--seven and a half miles one way, but its all mostly flat, except for a bridge over the 405. Hope I make it! Until then, rides to school with mom continue, and rides on the bus home continue too.
Felt a little crummy this last weekend. I feel better today. I'm going to take it easy.

That's mostly it for today. Here's to a better year (still haven't made my resolutions...).

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Ow, itchy.

Today is a good day.

Granted, I've three stitches in my left thigh, and three in my left middle back...but today is a good day. I think the people at the CSUF medical center are probably getting sick of me (and I'm getting a bit sick of driving up there), but I'm getting all the stuff I should have gotten done last year done now, medically speaking. I got my "twin"--a bump on my leg that I've had since forever--removed today. It was actually a sebaceous cyst, which is good news, since it means it's not cancerous and doesn't have to be biopsied! Hooray! The doctor was a little awed at how much "stuff" he had to squeeze out of it to remove it entirely. And of course, I have pictures of the little flesh sack it all was in...for my gruesome friends who wanted to see my twin in a jar. haha

And, I got the super big (often irritated by my bra) mole on my back removed and will get the stitches taken out Monday of next week. With that, the good news was that he got it all, and it wasn't cancerous. WHEW.

The only problem is that I am now ITCHY in the middle of my back, and currently ACHY in the middle of my thigh, since the numbing juice wore off. Bleh.

In other news, must go in early to work tomorrow to run the Reading Is Fundamental book giveaway. Which is actually sort of fun, but usually insanely busy. And, it's a short week, so I'm bound to have someone want to come in later who's usually scheduled friday.... so I won't be jetting out of there, probably.

I've also got a meeting for ESSA at the Center for Sustainability at school to plan our Earth Week events. Somehow, I got suckered into being the leader, but I don't mind, since the people in my program are awesome and fun to talk to and work with.

I made it to the market--well, actually the 99cents store to get some groceries. I also paid my bills, except for my rent. Must pay that Friday morning, or afternoon probably. I've got a wound check appointment at 1245 on Friday. Bleh---so busy!

Anyway, I'll stop procrastinating and go finish my homework for one of my classes (the one tomorrow).


(still itchy)...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Ugh. I am sick today. I’m taking the last of my Dayquil, and then I’ve got to buy more. I took Nyquil stuff last night, and went to bet at 7:40, woke up at 4am, and then went and took more medicine and knocked out until seven am. I was SO tempted to call in today, but I really need the money.

Found out that one of my classes has one textbook; new its like 65 bucks, but I can get it used at various places for like 40-ish. Pretty good. I’ll get it next week, I think.

New library computer/laptop at work has not arrived yet. I backed everything up, but it didn’t appear last night/this morning like Mr. Hunter said it would. Grah. Added on that, I really feel punk… I’m drinking salty peppermint-licorice tea, with a seven up to chase it down later. I just want to close my eyes and pass out. Guh. I feel slow—probably my sinuses telling me that they’re not happy with me.

There’s a million books to put back, and I just feel achy and not much like moving. UGH. Added on that, the kiddies keep coming in at recess and asking about very specific historical figures that they’d have to go to a public library to find out about…nothing that I’d even remotely have in this library. (Their faith is touching but not very realistic at times). Plus, the crowding around my desk makes me nervous when I’m so Icky and ill.

Arrg. I knew I should have stayed home today. Bleh!

Yogi for the day is : Every heartbeat creates a miracle. I dunno, I think plants don’t have heartbeats, and what they do is miraculous; oxygen and carbon dioxide consumption is a pretty big deal. I get it that the yogi thing probably means life, but I don’t really want to dwell on that. I just want to get well, be able to breath, and sleep. I think I need a nap. Or a distraction. Maybe if I look at my costume folder/ideas I’ll get inspired. Hm.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Dear Sea of Fishes: I’m throwing this one back

What is it about people who have no courage? Seriously, I’m not a mate devouring spider. If you want to avoid me, do so, but don’t be a wimp and not show up to work. Hey, I showed up, because I at least have some modicum of professionalism.

Basically I have concluded that it IS better to never have relationships with anyone you peripherally work with, because you can never rely on the other person to have any sort of objectivity or professionalism after all is said and done. Or at least, others don’t have the ability to turn off their liking for someone with the snap of a switch. I think it’s something that women have probably evolved over the years—an emotional coping mechanism for finding the best mate; if one person doesn’t work out, we purge ourselves (however long or short that takes) and move on to the next prospect. Or in my case, move on to the enjoyment of free time and a lack of preoccupation with having to worry about someone interrupting our free time with minutinae.

Besides, I’ve always had the attitude that dating people you work with is just NOT DONE. Guess that’s why boy sort of sidewaysed (oh yes, I’m making that into a verb) his way into a “relationship”—what any other normal person would simply term casual dating. I think the reason why the dating didn’t go anywhere (and why I didn’t want it to) was A. because I was sort of working with the guy and wasn’t really interested in dating much in the first place (too busy), and B. because I wasn’t really interested in him anyway, other than as a friend. Besides, if you’re not sexually/romantically interested in someone, it won’t go anywhere at all. You can’t have one partner doing all the work. That’s not a relationship. Which was why I was trying to keep it at “casual dating” and why time and again, I stated that I was only interested in dating once in a while. If you can’t understand that, then you’re setting yourself up for a fall.

Maybe that makes me a venomous, man-eating spider, but hey, I’m not asking people to commit to a relationship. I don’t want that right now; I’m committed to getting grad school done with a “summa cum laude” next to my MS title. If it happens, it happens, but I’m not interested in serious investment at this time. Plus, I’m REALLY REALLY not comfortable dating people younger than me. With guys, it’s better to go a few years older, because then at least they’ve got a little more maturity, and can have the “so, are we going to date exclusively” conversation. (Which I never had with boy, obviously, other than stating that I wasn’t interested in anything more serious---twice.)

And don’t even get me started on asking coworkers for advice where kids can hear. You can bet I’ll be hearing about it. ARG. I only talked to my friends, and they’d never blab that shit, just as I’d never blab confidential shit about friends to anyone else. It’s just right up the “DON’T GO THERE” alley.

So yeah, that fishie was too young. Eh.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

You say that like I'm going to call YOU...

Is it wrong to be delighted that a relationship is over? I'd say no, especially when it really wasn't doing much for me, other than stressing me out.

And why should I be forced to comply with a gender role just so another person can help a "weak female" out? Fuck that--I've never been a weak, "oh, I can't do it, it's too hard" type of female. I can open my own doors, pay for my own drinks...I am not a fainting, missish wimp. Don't get me wrong, a little chivalry is great, but IF I get to a door first, I'll open it. If I need help, I'll ask for it. If I need money, I'll ASK for it. Or, I'll keep a tab with what I owe, so next time, I can handle the bill. All I ask for is a little reciprocity.

In fact, I don't NEED chivalry, but I can understand some guys want to do that stuff, and I'm ok with letting them some of the time. But don't whine to me about how I'm so independent, or "you darn independent people." WTF. Of course I am! I should be by this stage in my life---I'm a grad student, and someday a PHD student. Of course I SHOULD be independent by this point. I'm sorry, I'm not going to make myself co-dependent to maintain a relationship. When I tell you I'm low maintenance, I MEAN low maintenance. If I want more, I'LL CALL YOU. If not, take it as given that I am BUSY. BUSY. Or not interested.

And don't even get me started on the "Oh, I don't pay attention to politics--they don't have any affect on my life" attitude. BULLSHIT. Seriously, when that was told to me, I heard warning air raid sirens go off, and I kinda knew it just wasn't going to work out. Heck, I don't care if your politics are diametrically opposed to mine--just have an opinion and CARE a little. Not caring is as good as apathy---or sloth. And I'm a great proponent of sloth being the worst of all evils, in accordance with what Dante says in Il Commedia Divino.

Thank god, thank god, it's over without too much fuss. Hopefully boy will have gained some distance over the Christmas holiday, and will be professional at work. I can only hope, though I'm not particularly sanguine about it. Telling me that he'd like to kiss me there one time was not exactly ...comfortable...for me.

On another note, it was a nice walk to the block today in the rain. I wandered around afterward and got a couple leggings for 3 bucks each. Nice! I kept scoping out boots, but nothing really interesting. Most all of them were cheap or had zippers. I think the ones Jules found on Ebay are pretty darn sweet. No real good prices either. Guess the new year is not going to be any cheaper than last year. No super big discounts because everyone is trying to make SOME money.

I'm determined to do some major job searching this week---got to fill out graduate assistant paperwork for the library and other areas. I'm going to go lurk on the CSUF webpage and see what I can find.

I think I'll be updating this more often this year. It'll be a good outlet for me, I think. Should be fun!

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday in Limbo...but busy as Heck!

Where the hell is everyone today? I realize that I'm a bit hungover feeling (no, I didn't drink last night, but I'm dehydrated and low on sleep--more on such later), but where has everyone disappeared to? I can't find my phone (once again)--I swear I need to surgically attach it to my forehead. Or something drastic, like my ass. Maybe I need a bright orange phone-holder (like my purse) so that I CAN'T lose it.Oooh, I could crochet one...

So, I can't call anyone, no-one is responding to facebook messages, and I can't get anyone on IM either.

All I wanted was to get my friend's measurements (shoulders, breast, hip, waist) so I could possibly whip up a couple simple tunics for the vampire LARP the weekend after this. Grarg. I stopped by, but no-one was home. So, I sat there drawing for a while, working on costume ideas for my Elizabethan/Renaissance era court dress and steampunk accessories that I could make out of fake leather. And I really need some gears or something industrial-y... But still, no one arrived. So then I piloted lil' Jezebel over to Lollicup in fullerton and got me some dinner. Popcorn chicken and rice and kimchee. Mmmmmmm.

So, the reason why I stayed up late last night was because I was getting the sleeves and basics of the Medieval Noblewoman dress done. All I had to do this morning before heading off to work was sew the sleeves onto the shoulder. It looks AWESOME. You can't even tell that at one point in its life, it was a 300-count flat sheet for a double bed. Perhaps I'll post pictures of the finished product/outfit here. And perhaps my steampunk costume too. I still need to make the vest for that outfit, and the purple coat too though.

I was up (stupidly) until two am though. Guhhhh. I totally set my alarm to sleep in until 8am and drove my Jezebel today. At least my sewing machine is sort-of working. I'm definitely babying it along.

Bad me. I haven't ridden my bike for the last two weeks, due to errands or rain. But at least I got other errands done; I dropped my brown Victorian skirt off at Julie's (a cleaner/tailors in GG) to have the hem sewed with a heavy duty sewing machine--mine wouldn't cut it (will cost me 20 bucks, he's going to staystitch the edges so it won't ravel); and I also stopped by at the 99 cent store and got milk, ny quil-stuff, toilet bowl brushes (finally, I found some!), stuff for my open, onion dip mix, etc. I'm feeling pretty accomplished for today, actually.

Things I still need to do are: come up with a profile/dossier for the professors writing me reccomendations, fix my fafsa (I think I entered family contributions wrong, 'cause they sure ain't giving me money for grad school), sew my S.Punk vest, attach jewels and pearls to my Medieval dress (and figure out trim for the sleeves), Clean the bathrooms when I get home, find a writing sample for my Uni. application and check on the other requirements for those whatchamacallits.... The Fullbright and such scholarships. Oh, and study for my GRE's, of course.

I suppose you could say that I'm stuck in limbo right now--unable to get ahold of anyone, but I am still pretty busy. My crochet scarf is proceeding along nicely. So are all my projects. What I really need to do, however, is plan the menu (based on what food I've got) for my "Librarian Open House" next Friday. I'm thinking cookies, some small breads or scones of some kind, fruit (maybe) or some kind of quiche or stew-something. I've got a coffee thing, and an electric teapot. I think I need to borrow chairs and maybe a big teapot and warmer from mom. I'm going to make stuff ahead of time, since I've discovered that I have to go in to work, as well as the Library Media Technitians' Collaboration thing. Ack! So busy!

In other (bad) news, the evil orange "check engine" light has reappeared in Jezebel. ARRG. Darned thing. Good news though, Dad found the jack for the extra tire--it was hidden in the back, against the bumper, under the trunk latch. (Really, I don't know how to describe where it is). Car is running just fine, however. WTF??!! I also need to clean out my trunk and put my tools and stuff under the "floor" in the trunk next to the tire. I think that's a better place for it, than just sliding about in the boot.

Not much else to say today. I'm going to go back to working on my dossier and costumes. Must get them done, if I don't do anything else!

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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

It's going to be a white winter...

I counted my white hairs today. I now have SEVEN. I had thought I only had four, maybe five, but indeed, I have quite a few. They're all in the same sort of area on my head (near the front) so I'm hoping eventually I'll have a cool lock of white hair there, sorta like Rogue from Xmen. That would be sweet.

Hurray for money to pay bills. I'm going to be poor soon, but I'll be happily poor, with all my bills paid. Whew, such a relief!

This calls for a celebration. Hm, booze is expensive, going out is too, so I think I'll just dance around like a looney and smile a lot--it's cheaper. Christmas sewing will commence tomorrow. I even got a couple decorations (tiny blue ornament balls) and I'll go out and find some neat stick/branches tomorrow to make my own "charlie brown" Christmas-type tree. No extra $$ this year to buy a REAL tree. 'Sides, it's not like I really need one. I like my more simplistic idea, which I got from a 2006 holiday version of Better Homes and Gardens. Ha!

One thing I saw yesterday, however, that I really really really want; a succulent wreath. Yes, you heard me right--it's an environmentally (and water) friendly wreath. How awesome is that? You can even get them on ebay, of course. Not that it's any cheaper than the other site...but hey, if you've a fetish, there you go!

It might be fun to make your own, since according to the "experts"--or martha stewart, all you need is:
Succulents (Martha used Aeonium, Crassula, Echeveria, Gasteria, Haworthia, Kalanchoe, Sedum, and Sempervivum)
12-inch wire wreath frame
Sphagnum moss
Moistened soil, or half perlite and half soil
Copper wire
Pencil (or screwdriver)

*drools* Yeah, somebody get me one?

Anywhoo, I'm off to get some fun ideas for project-makings at BH&G...ta for now!

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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Let the Christmas season...ooze in!

It's now December.

Damn, that's depressing. I haven't gotten as far as I'd like on all my Christmas-present making. Time to pull out all the stops, and get cracking. I've got some serious sewing (and handcrafting) presents to do--all planned out, but not even started. Bad me. Instead, I've been distracted by "self-presents" like this cool stitchery of a bike with flowers in the front basket with the words "it's all about the journey," (I know, perfect, right? I love biking, traveling around and actually SEEING the world) instead of being productive.

Bad me.

Thanks to those who commented about the Star Trek thing. I wasn't aware of the whole eleventh movie thing, but I think most of the people who WERE writing about the "new" fandom weren't aware either. It was a serious peeve of mine. Honestly, I'd totally campaign to have the movie labeled by the year it came out, since there are so many movies (and books, omg!) in the Star Trek compendium/universe.

As a "Generations" girl myself (haha, I remember being allowed to stay up and watch it with Dad if we were good), I have to admit that the original was never my first introduction to the Sci-Fi genre. Actually, some rather old books of my dads by Asimov and others (a short story collection that talked about ramjets and such, can't remember the name) was my first experience. And of course, lots of reading on my own, and eventual self-exposure to series like "Foreigner" and the book "Childhood's End" stand out especially in my mind as being particularly thought-provoking...

Tell the truth, I never really thought much of the original Star Trek. It was sorta (and let's be honest, everyone) hokey and cliched--but it was so unabashed at being escapist and fantastical that it was still fun to watch, years later. Frankly, I still think the beginnings of the SciFi genre (in the written form, naturally) from the 50's and 60's were a little more "ball busting" than the original tv show. And sometimes, entirely creepy. How people imagined such things, I'll never know.

However, it can't be argued that the TV show was immensely influential in getting scifi further accepted into mainstream pop culture. Or perhaps, disseminated or addiction-inducing would be better terms.

I still have to admit, I LOVE the new movie adaptation. It just adds so much more depth to the entire Star Trek Universe--so many more fun possibilities (that writers out there are enjoying playing with). Plus, it doesn't hurt that the new Kirk and Spock are HAWT. *drools* And it's an added bonus that the other backup players (Scotty is the dude from Shaun of the Dead--omg, my fav zombie parody movie! Sulu is the dude from the Harold and Kumar go to Whitecastle movies! Bones is the dude from the Lord of the Rings trilogy! YUM.) are pretty damn awesome too. Not to mention cute.

BUT, I still can't see Kirk/Bones pairings as being feasible. For god's sake people, it'd be like me and my SISTER and our love/hate/toughlove/smackdown relationship deciding to dance off through the daisies together. IE: WRONG WRONG, SO DAMN WRONG. Bleh. The imaginations that people have, as I stated before are SCARY. Superlatively so.

And I've watched almost all of the "newer" Star Trek series too--Generations, Voyager, Enterprise (with Archer), Deep Space Nine... all of them. (Have to admit, besides from the "sex it up" factor with Enterprise under archer, it was a pretty shitty series--I think the writers got bored or something, or were parodying themselves). Generations was freakin' awesome--I'll never forget John Parker (amazing man/pirate/sea scum/ lighting dude) "kidnappin'" me and my sister for the "take your daughter to work day" at Paramount Pictures...and getting to see Worf and Deanna Troy and all the sets of the show (including getting "beamed up" in the transporter room). It'll always have a particular spot in my affections for scifi---and thus explains why I have such trouble reading the ridiculous fanfiction that seems to get posted on about the series.

Eh, annnny way, aside from the rant...

I'm tired of being broke. I'm looking into internships here and there (and maybe a job) at the UCI medical center over the way. Hoping to find something a little more lucrative. Don't get me wrong, I love my job, but I need to do something that actually pays me enough to live on (and save away enough for a rainy day/ going to Europe). I really really HATE being poverty-stricken.

However, in other good news, I've qualified for the gas company and electric company discounts for being poor. Hooray! Let me tell you, money is never a consideration until you're living a life where every penny counts. It's tough. Thus, my need to MAKE presents (which are cooler than just buying shit anyway) this year.

Hm. Just had an idea. I think I'll make my friend's mom a wall hanging of some variety. She hasn't got anything up on her walls yet. That'd be kinda cool.

One of my other friends wants me to print out her novella (I'm a bit of a flaky beta) and give her a "red pen" commentary on all of it. Dunno if that means I'm a super critical nazi writing fanatic/bitch, or if I just provide entertaining (and occasionally annoying) commentary. Whatever, my printer works good, and I have to do SOMETHING for Christmas.

I've scaled back my advent calendar this year at school for the kids-- only 10 socks on my "stocking line." It's actually a really cute idea--just go to the 99cents store, buy a bunch of colorful socks, hang up 25 of them, fill them with candy, toys, puzzles, games, etc. and then count down the days until Christmas. Lack of funds, and a rather subdued air to this year's holidays (even Eid, Thanksgiving and Hanukkah) is making me more resourceful. The kids love it (they fight over who will get to pull down the stocking and get the stuff out of it, and all of them are FASCINATED by the hanging goody bags and want to squeeze/fondle them to "feel" what's inside). After this, I'm going to go searching for free stuff I can make to put in the stockings. There's got to be something!! Phooey that the 99cents store only takes cash or debit cards. Meh.

I've lots of ideas for the library after this last friday-- had a librarian collaboration at the district office, which spawned a lot of ideas for me. Still, I think we could have had a better turnout, so maybe I'll start contacting the other librarians via phone to get them to sign up for the email list serve. It was awesome.


I need applejack brandy for my dad's birthday celebration. I'm helping make a yummy sage-butter roasted turkey with apple cider gravy (bon apetit magazine is AWESOME, everyone should get a subscription, just for ideas!) for his dinner. That is, unless mom and I elect to do some other turkey recipe. Not like dad cares--he'll just happily eat whatever it is, and comment/compliment that "it's not poison" as usual. Helpful punk, reaaal helpful. Or maybe even a "put it on the hit list"--though knowing my dad, that's not too likely to happen. He seems to think all the food I make that turns out good is a fluke. Phooey. Somehow he doesn't realize that stroking a cooks ego results in more goodies (cookies) for him, rather than faint praise. Idiot man. Poo to him! Yet he is always hopeful, despite previous (recent) insults. HA!

Heh. Ah well, at least the two turkeys that I've had in my freezer will finally see some use. I never did end up using them for Thanksgiving, since we took a fun vacation to San Diego this year instead of a fancy-schmanzy dinner. So I've got one left for some sort of feast with friends or whoever. Hmmm. Will have to think about that.

Am excited; Dad's birthday is next monday, so I'm off to Disneyland with him for his free visit. Should be marvelous. No one does the Christmas season quite like the Mouse. Oh, and now I totally have an excuse to go bother my friend (who is now working in DCA and DL) whenever I'm feeling bored or just...bored. But first, I need to get more Christmas present-making done.

Sounds like the nightly fireworks bombardment is going off. Upp, yep. Almost over, I think it's the Finale. I haven't seen their Christmas display yet. I'll have to check it out tomorrow. I think. Must check my pass holder dates to see when I'm blocked out.

On another note, Disney is contributing to America--like the president asked; you donate your time to certain organizations, and hey presto, Disney will give you a pass for a free day if you sign up. Or you can be SUPER awesome, and donate your pass to somebody else. You can find out more at the Disney website. Seriously, how awesome is that? I'm totally up for that. Now who to volunteer for???

It's not like I've got money, but time is always something that can be given for a good cause. Being in a sorority and devoting a good portion of my life and time to philanthropy seems like an excellent habit to get into. Thus, I feel the need to "give back"--though I may not have money, my time is my money, and that is something that I can contribute. Spending all my time studying for the GRE's is rather boring after a while. Gotta figure out my subject tests pronto though. Ah well.

So yeah, got a lot to do. More to come later!

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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Crickets SUCK.

Oh My GOD. You have to be fucking joking me! ARRRG. There's actually a cricket that's crawled down into the stove exhaust pipe/chimney. Grarg! And there's no feasible way to get the little fucker out, so I'm stuck with super loud crickety noises echoing in my kitchen. Darn it!

Only four more days until payday. Eurg, I hate being poor. Here's to getting more tutoring jobs this month! (Am crossing my fingers on that, big time!)

Sent off a letter to Heather yesterday, and my letter to Julie will go out tomorrow. Heather is now engaged, and the wedding will be sometime in May (I think) 2010..or 11. Yay! So exciting.

Damnit, there goes the stupid cricket again. Maybe if I leave the cabinet open, the little fucker will shove off.

Not much exciting at school. Got all the children's section books put away today--with a little help. Actually, a lot of little happy helpers. Just realized two of my students are brother and sister; they didn't look much alike at all. Here's to starting in on all the science (dewey decimal system) books tomorrow. Meh.

Need to come up with a thanksgiving craft for the month. I've concluded that about one craft a month is about all I can do, due to time constraints (recess and lunch are the only available times to work on art projects, and we can't work on them everyday) and lack of funds. (yay being poor) I'm thinking maybe paper bag turkeys would be good. I need something to stuff them with though. And I've had requests to build a trash bag snowman. I wonder if Dad would save his shredded paper for such a thing. Eh, we'll see. Oooh, or we could make toilet paper pilgrims. That might be a fun one! Hmmm.

Anyway, am riding crunchy (the bike I had the accident on) again tomorrow. I've concluded the other road bike must have more than one hole, because the back tire just does NOT hold air, even though dad patched it.

Sounds like I'll be junketing this weekend. I'll have to haul out my usual hat! Should be fun...and greasy!

Not much else to report. Studying for GRE's continues (as boring as ever).

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